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Pediatric Chiropractic in Forney

Why Do Kids Need Chiropractic Care?

The first trauma we experience in life is being born. Even in a natural childbirth with no interventions, the baby is subjected to tremendous force in the birth canal. This trauma to the neck often results in subluxations which, if left uncorrected, can lead to various types of dysfunctions down the road.

As they grow, kids learn to crawl and walk and run and play—and all of these offer ample opportunities for falls and bumps that create misalignments. Early and regular chiropractic care helps children’s bodies heal and grow correctly, avoiding compensation patterns that can result in a wide range of symptoms in childhood and even into adulthood.

Putting Kids and Parents at Ease

Dr. Matt has kids of his own, and he knows your child’s safety is your primary concern. He specializes inGonstead technique, which is a very safe and gentle adjustment. The pressure used is about the same as what you’d use to check the ripeness of a tomato.

Babies are generally not nervous and may even sleep through the adjustment. Toddlers and older kids have often learned to be afraid of going to the doctor’s office, where they get shots. Dr. Matt is great at building rapport with kids and letting them relax and get comfortable. They can play with the Nervo-Scope® to see that it’s not any kind of shot, and Dr. Matt’s calm energy usually helps kids calm down, too. But sometimes it’s just not the right day for a child, and that’s okay. We will never force an adjustment on them—we’ll just try again another day.

Get Care for Your Whole Family

We love adjusting kids because it helps set the foundation for a healthy approach to life. And when whole families get care, they can build a wellness lifestyle together and live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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